If you’re a girl like me who strives for flawless,healthy skin but doesn’t need or like to wear heavy makeup than BB Cream’s by Smashbox are for you! The Camera Ready BB Cream contains SPF 35 and is a five in one primer, light foundation, moisturizer, oil controller and skin perfector. The Smashbox BB Creams can be worn by itself as a light foundation and moisturizer at the same d*amn time *Future voice*. It hydrates, gives you a glowing look, and gives you a flawless finish. Smashbox BB Creams are perfect for girls who like to go with a more natural and effortless look rather than have pounds of makeup caked on their face. Even if you do like to wear powder or foundation, the Smashbox BB Creams can be worn under makeup as well to protect the skin. Unlike most BB Cream’s out there, Smashbox has the widest range of colors. It comes in five shades and is perfect for all ethnicities. The Smashbox BB Cream cam be purchased on Sephora.com for $39 and you can even go in to your nearest Sephora store to get a sample to try it out first before you buy it! The color experts at Sephora will even go so far as to teach you how to apply the BB Cream. You can’t beat that! 

  • 13 July 2012