Since earlier this week the internet has been BUZZING about singer Lana Del Rey's collaboration with A$AP Rocky for her new cinematic video, "National Anthem". In the video Lana Del Ray plays Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O and A$AP Rocky plays the late President JFK. The song is deep as well as the video and they both can be interpreted in many different ways. Whatever the meaning may be, the video had me captivated from start to finish. This video is definitely going to put Lana Del Rey on the map more because she is not very main stream. The entire video was a work of art and I really enjoyed it. It was refreshing to watch a music video with substance that made my mind wander rather than watching a video with naked women everywhere and other pointless imagery. This video makes me want to know more about Lana Del Rey and start listening to more of her music. I’m also looking forward to that “Love Live A$AP” release date, September 11th! I’m going to have to watch this video a couple of more times to understand what Lana Del Rey was trying to convey. Nonetheless, it was a great video and A$AP Rocky was a unique and perfect choice to play the role of JFK! Tell me what you think!


  • 28 June 2012