Azealia Banks is so underrated! Yes, she gets into constant Twitter beefs which turns a lot of people off, but the girl can spit and she is just what the female rap game needs right now, PERIOD. Talent and no gimmicks.

After a brief hiatus Azealia is back with a new song, "Heavy Metal And Reflective". I didn’t know what to expect from the song when I first heard the title. I thought Azealia was on some heavy metal, rocket stuff. After giving the song a listen, I’m really digging it!

"Heavy Metal And Reflective" is dark and definitely different but Azealia is spitting like there’s no tommorow! Azealia always makes songs that can be used for high fashion runways and parties and this one is no different but there are a few different elements in this song than what she normally goes for.

Overall, I’m loving it! The song is sassy, fierce and the type of song I like to hear when I’m feeling myself. I hope one day Azealia can get the recognition she deserves because she’s straight talented with no gimmicks and she deserves to shine.

Sir Michael Rocks has finally released the video for his single "Bussin"and the video is pretty basic to say the least.

First of all, the video was shot in a beautiful yet eerie old mansion built in 1909 in Los Angeles. The video quickly shows the exterior of the mansion in the beginning and then throughout the rest of the video the guys are inside the mansion. While I was hoping there would be an interesting storyline to go with the intriguing mansion they were inside of, there was nothing but a bunch of pointless "dance moves" (if that’s what you want to call them) and standing around doing nothing. As much as I love the song, it would have been cool to have some dope visulas and a cool little concept but the video was just a waste of time. 

Sir Michael Rocks needs to go just as hard with his visuals as he does with his songs and his style if he really wants to reinvent himself and have another shot at the music game. This video could have been spectacular given the set and the song but unfortunately it was a let down.

Anyone that knows me knows I am open and always searching for music with a “unique sound” or something that is far from your typical pop top 40 track. Which is why the Los Angeles based, Future Funk band, Thrillers is quickly becoming one of my favorites to listen to!

It is challenging for me to describe Future Funk because it’s a feeling more than anything. Future Funk is a sub genre and is in a nut shell a mix of funk, disco, 80s pop and R&B mixed with an abundance of kicks and snares.

Thrillers has taken on the Future Funk tag and they do it well! Their latest song “Lipstick On The Mirror” is orgasmic to say the least. “Lipstick On The Mirror” gives you the 80s feel without sounding like they were trying to hard which makes it edgy because nobody is making music like that right now. The production of “Lipstick On The Mirror” is absolutely amazing and don’t get me stated on the hard hitting vocals!

The song paints a picture. As you are listening to it you can literally visualize how the video would be. The song is sexy and intriguing and I just cannot get enough of it. Oh yeah, and I’m featured on the cover art which makes it even cooler. :)

I know I’m not the only excited about the news that Jamie Foxx will be portraying Mike Tyson in an upcoming biopic surrounding the boxer’s life and career!

First of all, this movie is way past due. Mike Tyson has lived a life that only a movie could portray on screen! According to Mike Tyson himself in a recent interview, he and Jamie are in talks of Jamie playing the boxer in his biopic. The screenplay has not yet been written but Tyson says that will be happening in the next few months and we can expect filming to start in within the next 18 months. It is also rumored that the same guy that wrote the screenplay for the movie "Wolf Of Wall Street" will be penning the Tyson biopic screen play. Interesting right?

Mike Tyson is undoubtedly one of the most controversial sports figures in the history of boxing and sports PERIOD. I’m sure this movie will have NO PROBLEM at all with sales. America loves a good biopic. And what better actor to play Mike Tyson than Jamie Foxx! I have full confidence and faith in Jamie that he is going to kill this role! I mean, Jamie tackled the role of  Ray Charles, who happened to be blind and murdered it like nobody’s business. Not to mention his role in the Muhammad Ali movie as Ali’s right hand man and his countless other acting roles. Jamie has not had a flop yet!

I’m super interested and excited to hear more about this biopic as the details unfold!

Katy Perry is the queen of trendy, bubblegum music and trying extra hard to be “down”, so her recent video for her song "This Is How We Do" does not surprise me at all.

Let’s talk about the song really quick. "This Is How We Do" reminds me a lot of Katy Perry’s hit she had a couple years back with Snoop Dogg called "California Girls". It is super upbeat, somewhat quirky song and is very teeny bopper ish. In the song Katy Perry sings about paying for bottle service with the rent money, going to bed with a 10 and waking up with a 2…ETC. The song is super cliche and almost sounds like a Ke$ha song. As if we needed another one of those. "This Is How We Do" is one of those songs that will give you a headache if you listen to it all the way through. And Lord, don’t let it come on more than once…

Now the video for "This Is How We Do" is pretty cool. Of course it’s super bright and colorful per usual Katy Perry fashion. It’s a good looking video though, I’m not going to lie. I like the visuals because they were fun and girly which matches the song. I spotted Katy reaching and trying too hard a few times in the video though. Like when she had the ice cream animation twerking (God how I hate that word) or when she answered the phone with corn rows in her head and perfectly placed baby hairs and on the iPhone screen the girl’s name read “Jessica Thot”. Thot stands for “that hoe over there” and is a commonly used word in the “urban” areas of Chicago that has recently become mainstream; for those of you that don’t know.

I’m just wondering when Katy Perry is going to start putting out real music and not this sugar, lollipops and rainbows garbage. Katy, how long will you be making music for 15 year olds? I mean, she has a decent voice and sounds like she could blow if she tried. How old are you? But hey, I guess everyone has their niche.

Sugar gets such a bad rap. The average person is led to believe that all sugar is not good for you but that is quite the contrary.  There are two basic types of sugar categories, refined sugar and sugar from nature.

Refining means to make “pure” by a process of extraction or separation. Refined sugar is sugar that has been manufactured and depleted of its original vitamins and minerals.  After the sugar is refined, what is left is synthetic carbohydrates that the body cannot utilize. Incomplete carbohydrate metabolism results in toxic and abnormal sugars in the body which accumulate in the red blood cells and the brain causing terrible diseases; one, being diabetes. Infertility, depression, dental problems and certain cancers are also affects of too much refined sugar. Refined sugar provides the body with nothing but useless calories because it lacks natural minerals that are present in natural sugars. Once you consume refined sugar, your body has to borrow vital nutrients from healthy cells to metabolize the incomplete food. It is very important to read the ingredient labels on your food to spot refined sugar under it’s many names and disguises. Refined sugars are the ultimate masters of disguise because there are so many characters for them to dress up as. Sucrose, Glucose, Fructose, Lactose and Caramel are just a few of the harmful refined sugars that we can frequently find on a great deal of ingredient of our labels.  Consuming refined sugar can also cause fatigue and a multitude of bodily aches and pains.

Natural sugars are the kind of sugars contained in fruits, vegetables and other plants. These sugars are considered natural because they occur own their own and are not manipulated or extracted by humans. Natural sugars are most bountiful in fruits which is what gives them their sweet and appealing taste.  However, foods do not have to be sweet to contain natural sugar. Carrots, cabbage, beets and potatoes contain natural sugar compounds as well. All plants produce sugar as a by product of photosynthesis. One of the only non-plant sources of natural sugar is raw honey that is produced by bees from plant pollen. Raw honey is one of the most easily digestible sugar compounds for the body.

To cut back on your refined sugar intake, you need to first make the conscious decision to do so. You also have to identify the sources of refined sugar in your diet and decide what to cut out completely and what to cut down on. You must recognize the sugar aliases. You can lessen your sugar intake by passing on any product that contains refined sugar in it’s first three ingredients. You should also go into your kitchen and throw out all the foods and beverages that contain refined sugar that you have decided not to consume anymore. Ban sugary beverages and sugary snacks from your household. Do not skip breakfast and make sure it is a healthy meal filled with fruits and other natural sugars and whole grains. Reduce the amount of sugar used for cooking and baking in your home. Do not feel deprived for cutting back on refined sugars in your diet. You are doing your body a huge favor and will feel healthier and be better inside and out.

It looks like Kanye Kardashian is back on the scene after remaining extremely low key after his highly publicized wedding to Kim K

Kanye will appear in the August 2014 issue of GQ magazine showcasing his style. Allegedly Kanye styled himself for the GQ shoot but honestly I’m not impressed. Remember the days when Kanye’s outfits used to turn heeds? I miss the "07" - "10" Kanye’s swag. All his ensembles in his GQ spread are whatever and just down right boring. There’s nothing special or unique about Timbs, leather pants and a peacoat or the way Kanye styled them. There’s no doubt in my mind that these are quality pieces Kanye is wearing but aesthetically they are unappealing. I do feel like a lot of people jocked Kanye’s old looks so he probably felt like he needed to go a different route but I’d like to see something that excites me again the way he used to. This just isn’t it. *Sigh*

Kanye’s smize game is on point though!

But you can check out the pictures from Kanye’s GQ spread out and decide for yourself whether the looks are dope or not.

Once again, Nicki Minaj has done a freestyle and as usual, is letting b*tches know they are her sons.

This time around Nicki jumped on the “No Flex Zone” beat and as always has a few harsh words for her competition.

I love Nicki to death and you guys know I’ve been a huge fan of hers for years but I’m kind of over the freestyles which are more like diss records without her naming any names. She says the same thing over and over but just in different words. I can’t even tell the songs apart anymore. They all sound the same. Yes Nicki, we know you are running the game but primarily because you are the only female rapper at the forefront. Yes Nicki, we know these b*tches are your sons. I need some new topics. Please and thank you. Nicki is a lot like the females on Facebook that are always posting statuses about how many haters they have. It’s like, okay we get it. Next topic!

The ratchet side of me however somewhat likes the song. It’s definitely something to dance to but the lyrics and subject matter are beyond redundant.

Check the song out for yourself and you be the judge!

Rapper Sir Michael Rocks has been in the game for a long time now! Sir Michael came on the underground scene around 2006/2007 with his alternative hip hop group, "The Cool Kids" who hailed from Illinois. The Cool Kids consisted of Sir Michael Rocks (formerly known as Mikey Rocks) and Chuck Inglish. Chuck Inglish was primarily known for making the duo’s one of a kind beats and Mikey Rocks did most of the rapping. The Cool Kids were the first rap group to bring back the whole LL Cool J, 80s feel to rap music with their image by rocking gold rope chains, vintage clothingvintage snap backs and vintage Nikes way before everyone else in hip hop was doing it.

Eventually, The Cool Kids ventured off and both went solo. Mikey Rocks, now Sir Michael Rocks is still doing his thing in the rap world. Sir Michael has released a couple of really dope mixtapes that did not receive as much recognition as they deserved.

It looks like all his grinding is paying off though because Sir Michael Rocks is FINALLY gearing up to release his debut album, "Banco" on July 29th. 

As a treat, Sir Michael Rocks recently released his new song "Bussin" which features rappers IAMSU and and Casey Veggies. "Bussin" is unlike anything Sir Michael has done before. Usually he sticks to smooth Curren$y type beats and lyrics or what I like to call "luxury raps". "Bussin" is way more turned up and basic (in a godd way). The artwork for "Bussin" gives me a late 90’s/cash money feel. I feel like the break down of he song is an ode to Chicago “juke music” which is pretty dope that he did that. The song has a decent beat and is very catchy. "Bussin" has quickly become one of my frequently played songs. It’s rawness and straight forwardness has me looking forward to what else “Banco” is going to offer.

For years I was under the impression that “whole foods” was just a saying or a random phrase. I know most people associate the term with the “Whole Foods” upscale grocery store chain. As I grew older I realized just exactly what whole foods are and their importance to the human body. Unfortunately, we live in a society that consumes so much processed and refined foods it is a bit unclear as to what whole foods actually are. Before we begin, let’s first discuss exactly what whole foods are.

Whole foods are foods that have not been processed or refined or that have been processed or refined as little as possible and are free from additives and other artificial substances. Examples of whole foods include raw fruits, meats that contain strictly meat and nothing else, raw vegetables, un-polished nuts and grains. When you are eating whole foods you are consuming the food in it’s natural state with all it’s original vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and natural nutrients; many of which boost the immune system and prevent cancer and diabetes.

The polar opposite of whole foods are processed foods. Processed foods are foods that have undergone a refining process in a factory where they have been altered from their natural state. During their manufacturing, processed foods are stripped of many of their healthy nutrients. Processed foods also contain preservatives and chemicals that can be extremely destructive to the body. The sugars, salts, saturated fats and trans fats found in processed foods can increase the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. Processed foods also contain more calories. Examples of processed foods are fast food, low fat and fat free products, imitation foods , frozen pizza, lunch meat and much more.

Granted, transitioning to a whole foods diet may be more costly and is going to take dedication but it will save you so much money in the long run and not to mention less health scares and doctor visits. Transitioning to a whole foods diet does not have to be a difficult or boring process.

Gradually start replacing processed foods from your diet with whole foods. You should also consume a wide range of whole foods which will give you an extensive scope of nutritional benefits. You do not have to cut processed foods from your diet completely as this is nearly impossible but the goal is to replace processed foods with whole foods as much as you can. The next time you crave a quick snack from McDonalds to tide you over, try replacing that chicken nugget meal with nuts and fruits. To understand the power of food relating to your health, you must focus your diet on whole foods. Health equals wealth.